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... “The future is yours to create!”

Founded in 2001 by two major automotive suppliers, Hella and LEONI, as a joint venture, Intedis has already made its mark. Despite various changes in time, also with vast experiences learnt all the way from China and India, we have maintained our course for the future. Electrical and electronic systems that implement new functions, provide end-user security, connect the world or even mobilize us all, challenges us every day. Efficient use of resources with respect to the environment require versatile approaches. As a development partner for our parent companies, we translate our aforementioned thoughts into new product ideas. For this, we are open every day for experimenting new things and ever-ready to leave well-trodden paths.

Where we come from, we know our exact destination, and we strive to improve day in and day out.





... “More than just a job!”

We are inventors – in every sense of the word. We try to give future a new look and develop ideas for innovative, safe and energy-efficient vehicle concepts. We focus on the vision and develop ideas that we can test in a direct and quick manner.

We are curious – an Innovation Management, which invites and supports all employees with professional methods and tools to contribute on equal grounds. This helps us to explore new avenues, where everyone can contribute, always in search of the next big thing.

We want to stay healthy – fruits, drinking water, as well as coffee are available free of charge, part of a varied range of healthy options. Sinfully, we are not perfect and have our ultimate weakness: Never without Cake! We love cakes and always find reasons to consume them!

We are a team – together we strive for solutions, while supporting and helping each other, regardless of team affiliations and corporate hierarchy levels, which play a minor role for us anyway.





... “Always technically challenging!”

We are positioned in the pre-development, meaning we are technically and methodically always a step ahead.

We always have the overall system in view – How is a function implemented in the vehicle? Which components are involved? What information needs to be exchanged for this? How can this function be integrated into a car as easily as possible? With features extending far beyond the physical boundaries of the car, we're not just looking at in-vehicle networks like Ethernet and Some-IP, but also at V2X and cloud computing.

Rapid prototyping is not just another word for us, it's everyday life. Vehicle simulations essentially help us to test our ideas at an early stage, in order to predict the driving dynamics or the energy and data flow in the car.

When it boils down to it, there's nothing like the feel of a self-developed control unit doing its job. For this, we develop and build circuits from scratch. We use 3D printers, write software and test our prototypes as laboratory demonstrators in our vehicle model or even into a real car.





... “A challenge a day keeps the boredom away!”

With us, it never gets boring! Undertaking pre-development means trying new ideas, discarding approaches that do not work, renewing and encouraging promising topics. With that in mind, as our projects, topics and tasks change frequently, we do not plan them years in advance. This is a daily challenge that we face head-on with enthusiasm!




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