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Your E/E-System Innovators

From Functions to E/E-Topology




Intedis GmbH & Co. KG (based in Würzburg) is a joint venture between LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH and Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA. Together with our parent companies and in cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, we develop solutions for individual, innovative and low-emission vehicles of the future.







About us





Batteries packing a punch: potential for optimizing space, costs and weight

Batteries packing a punch: potential for optimizing space, costs and weight Bild

Maximum energy density, high power charging, extremely safe and as cost effective as possible; the most important requirements for electric car batteries are quickly described.  Batteries based on li...


Keynote beim Bordnetzkongress in Landshut.

Keynote beim Bordnetzkongress in Landshut.  Bild

Am 26. September waren wir auf dem Bordnetzkongress in der Hochschule Landshut mit einer Keynote zum Thema „E/E Concept Study of a Disruptive L5 Vehicle“ vertreten. Der Fachvortrag beschäftigte sich mit einem Architekturkonzept eines autonomen Taxis.


HELLA launches latest 77 GHz radar technology




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